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CDM - Understanding the Regulations IOSH 2013

Fire Safety in Construction

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All our construction fire related programmes use HSG 168 Fire Safety in Construction, the latest edition of the JCoP  Fire Prevention on Construction Sites and relevant sector guides

Fire Safety In Construction – A briefing on the HSE’s HSG168

This 2.5 hour briefing is essential for all those requiring an overview on the HSE’s updated HSG168 Fire Safety in Construction. It includes all the keys elements contained within the guidance including detailed information on Fire risk Assessment and Fire Precautions, management responsibilities, the law and enforcement.

This briefing has been run on behalf of the WWT seminars and workshops organised by the HSE

Fire Risk Management in Construction

Timber Frame construction

This 1 day course aims to provide Fire Safety instruction for those managers/supervisors and those responsible for implementing and maintaining the site’s fire safety management procedures in accordance with legislation and the insurer’s code of practice. This course can be delivered on site to maximise understanding of the principals of fire risk management.

Fire Risk Assessment in Construction – Principles & Practice

A construction orientated programme based upon the Salvus programme developed for IOSH’s two day accredited CPD ‘principles and practice’ course.  Aimed at Construction Site Managers and Construction Safety Practitioners who are responsible for conducting Fire Risk Assessments, the course provides underpinning knowledge on the completion of fire risk assessments for construction projects.

An exemption from day 1 of the programme is available for those who have attended Salvus’ ‘Fire Risk Management in Construction’, ‘Fire Safety Awareness for Construction Site Managers/ Site Fire Safety Coordinators’, programmes

Pre- Construction Fire Safety Planning

This one day programme is particularly aimed at those managers responsible for planning and establishing fire safety management systems for all construction projects. An essential tool for those involved in high fire risk projects including high rise and timber framed construction. This programme equips those attending with knowledge and skills to ensure projects run in accordance with the legal requirements and current Best Practice.

Designing with Fire Safety in Mind

Plan Design for construction works

This one day programme is aimed at all those involved with the design process of higher risk building projects particularly those including timber framed and high rise. The key elements of the programme revolve around the Designer’s duties under CDM as far as they impact upon fire safety during the construction phase and as part of ongoing maintenance of the occupied building. Whilst predominantly focusing upon HSG168 guidance the programme also incorporates the requirements of BS9999 Code of Practice for Fire Safety.

Fire Safety Awareness for Construction Site Managers/ Site Fire Safety Coordinators

This practical one day on-site programme has been designed to ensure that supervisory staff and management team can plan, manage and monitor essential fire safety arrangements for all construction projects. The programme includes the essential tools for the Site Fire safety Co-ordinator as per the JCoP.

Fire Warden/Marshal

This half day training programme is designed for those nominated as Fire Wardens/Marshals and their Deputies to assist in the implementation of the Site Fire Safety Plan. The programme includes both pro-active management and reactive emergency response.

* an additional practical hands on fire fighting course can be provided if required.

Emergency Preparedness and Response in Construction

This one day programme enable attending delegates to become familiar with producing emergency response plans for potential fire incidents. The programme will explain the need for the provision of adequate emergency response resources, the need to produce an evacuation / response strategy and consider incident management.

Hot Works

This one day programme will enable those responsible for planning, managing and monitoring of the hot work process to establish procedures, permits to work and all associated management arrangements for hot work. It will also include a free hot work template based upon the Joint Code of Practice Guidance document and HSG 250 Guidance on Permit to work systems.

Fire Safety Awareness for Construction Site Personnel

This 3 hour briefing is aimed at all construction site personnel and identifies how fires start and spread, how to manage fire safety in construction work and emergency actions in the event of fire.

All ‘in house’ Courses Tailored to Individual Client Policy and Procedures


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