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‘Excellent course. This has provided me with further skills, knowledge & understanding to allow me to undertake the role of a Senior Accident Investigator’
Senior Accident Investigation course 2012

Accident Investigation Training

Our range of investigation training programmes have been developed from first hand experience of our team, many of whom have been part of investigation teams from Enforcement Authorities.

The programmes all utilise and cross reference formative guidance documents such as the HSE’s HSG245 and civil case pre-action protocols.

The programmes detailed below are the most popular programmes that we currently provide, however, we are happy to help you to develop programmes that meet your investigative needs.

An Introduction to Accident Investigation

This 1 day introductory course is aimed at all those responsible for investigating accidents and incidents within an organisation, whether as a safety professional, line manager or safety representative.

The course provides training in understanding cause analysis, contributory factors, investigation gathering techniques and  analysis, with a view to producing an action plan to prevent recurrence.

Accident Investigation

Accident Investigation

This 3 day course provides those persons who already have a basic knowledge of investigation techniques to enhance their understanding and skill sets.

The course includes a review of accident causation, effective evidence gathering and analysis techniques, interview techniques, together with reviewing actions and presenting an Action Plan to prevent recurrence.

This programme includes practical scenario based exercises throughout the course culminating in a scenario based investigation exercise.

Evidence Gathering for Investigators

Our 2 day training programme aimed at Staff members who are responsible for gathering and analysing evidence as part of ongoing investigations.

This highly interactive programme develops and advances the understanding of the principles of evidence IMG_2545 (800x600) lowgathering and analysis. In addition the course aims enable the delegates to support lead investigators, including the ongoing management of evidence.

The practical role-playing exercises including ‘interview techniques’, ‘web researching’ and ‘documentation analysis’, will enable delegates to, not only possess an understanding of evidence gathering processes, but also provide a practical aspect of evidence gathering to enhance the learning.

Accident Investigation for Senior Managers(Senior Investigators)

A 4½ day training course aimed senior management and safety practitioners who are involved with conducting workplace incident and accident investigations falling within the Medium/High category identified in HSG 245.

Those attending will have previous experience in investigation and will ideally have a minimum level 3 qualification in occupational safety and health.

The course includes all the critical elements of investigation from the gathering and recording of evidence at the scene, gathering documentary evidence, interviewing and statement taking, report preparation and presentation  with a view to attendance at court– a ‘must’ for all prospective senior investigators

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