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‘Excellent course. This has provided me with further skills, knowledge & understanding to allow me to undertake the role of a Senior Accident Investigator’
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Management Fire Safety Training

Fire Safety Management

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This 1 day course provides attending delegates with an underpinning knowledge of current fire legislation and guidance together with advice on how to establish an effective fire safety management system that will integrate with their current H&S management systems.

This course was originally designed and delivered on behalf of IOSH as part of their CPD programme. The same programme is now delivered without the IOSH certificate, however the programme can be registered if required.

Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order – Seminar

A 1 day seminar for Managers and Responsible Persons, designed to raise awareness of  attending of the responsibilities they hold under the  Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order .  The interactive Seminar will provide guidance on a range of management techniques and practical mechanisms to comply with the law and minimise the risk associated with fire.   This course is a must, for those responsible for managing fire safety in any type of workplace.

Fire Scotland Act and Regulations – Seminar

The comparable 1 day Seminar for Managers and employers to that which is offered in England and Wales.

Designed to bring attending delegates up to date with the Scottish Legislation it includes guidance on a range of management techniques to ensure compliance with the legislation and reduce fire risks.

Fire Risk Assessment- Principles & Practice

Developed by Salvus Consulting and adopted by IOSH, when they ran CPD programmes at The Grange, this 2 day programme continues to provide an excellent learning platform.

Aimed at all persons involved with the fire risk assessment process, whether they are conducting risk assessments themselves, reviewing and implementing the findings of a fire risk assessment, the programme provides informative guidance on practical application.

A classroom based first day explores the theoretical elements of fire risk assessment, the second day involves further input on compartmentation and warning systems amongst other elements, culminating with a practical risk assessment exercise.

Fire Safety Technical Awareness

This 1 day programme is aimed at all those persons who are responsible or have responsibility for preventive and protective fire risk management measures in premises.  Facilities Managers, Health & Safety Advisors, Fire Safety Advisors, Building Surveyors or Architects can all benefit from the Technical information provided in the programme.

Not only does the programme cover standard technical equipment to assist in managing GFP’s, but also emerging equipment that may reduce both fire risk and costs associated with fire safety management.

Fire Safety Co-ordinators

In many organisations it has long been established that there is the requirement for a nominated ‘Fire Safety Co-ordinator’ to assist the Duty Holder in discharging their duties.

This 1 day training workshop is aimed at providing persons who are nominated by the Duty Holder to plan, organise, manage and review fire safety measures in accordance with current legislation and best practice.

Those attending are often drawn from facilities management, office, workshop and factory management within an organisation.   This is also a programme for senior fire marshals or senior fire wardens.


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