IFSM Technical day a great success

Tuesday, 8 July, 2014

As a recent new member of the Institute of Fire Safety Management, I was not sure as to how much I would get out of the technical meeting held at the FPA training facilities at Morton in Marsh.ifsm

I need not have worried, excellent speakers included Dr Jim Glocking on research including items on Modern method and of course materials in construction, robotic Firefighting systems to manage and control fires in ships amongst a range of other items.

We had an entertaining insight into Richard Bransons fire on Necker Island by John Williamson who showed a wide range of ‘holiday’ , oops sorry John, professional photos of the fire, the investigation and other interesting items.

A demonstration of ‘Coldfire’ fire suppression system by Ian Smith from Hydro Navitas, who decided to show us the real deal when, after spraying his arm liberally with the Coldfire, tried to set himself on fire, fortunately without success – hope your insurance holds out Ian.

Tom Gilbert gave a presentation on a little known PAS for Fire Risk Management Systems, which was followed by a really well presented item on substandard cabling, a cause of many fires, by Peter Smeeth & Dr Jeremy Hodge.  A copy of the ACI (approved cables initiative) ‘ fake Britain’ DVD was provided by the guys showing some of the counterfeit cabling that is circulating at this time.

I will be back for the next technical day by the IFSM, if you are interested in fire safety why not join?