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The Dangerous Substances & Explosive Atmosphere Regulations (DSEAR) cover a wide range of products, installations and processes.

With experienced professionals who have undertaken roles such as Petroleum Inspectors and Licensing Officers, you can be sure that we can provide you with a full range of professional services to meet your need.

DSEAR Risk Assessments

Where your processes or storage arrangements may create a risk of an explosion a risk assessment should be undertaken. So whether you are undertaking decanting or refuelling, defueling or paint spraying, or your processes include battery charging, dust producing processes, or the use of LPG etc., we can assist you to undertake DSEAR risk assessments, process analysis, failure modes effects analysis.

Your policies, procedures, safe operation procedures and emergency response arrangements will be reviewed and where necessary revised to ensue that you meet best practice and legal responsibilities by our competent team at Salvus.

Hazardous Area Zone Classification Zonal drawing

As part of your management of dangerous substances and explosive atmospheres we will assist you to identify, and mark up hazardous area zones with appropriate, compliant diagrams and signage on site. This will assist you to ensure that equipment is provided and work is managed to meet the zonal classification, preventing potential explosive risks.

Our drawings can be produced in AutoCAD to assist you to overlay any additional requirements or make use of existing drawings and designs.


DSEAR Management

For further information regarding our range of DSEAR Management services please contact us

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